Main activity areas of a company:
- the production and sale of furniture natural wood glued panel;
- the production and sale of boards of dried single sawing furniture quality;
- the sale and processing of round wood.

In 1992 private company was established which owner Saulius Džiugys bought and sold round timber.
Later it was rearranged into “Ąžuolų giria” LLC. Main activity: the processing and drying of round timber. Production buildings were bought near the highway and railway in Ĺ iauliai region. They were reconstructed and applied for the timber processing: the saw frame factory, boiler-house, the lumber dry kilns and the storehouse of dried timber were equippe.

Since 2002 the modernization and activity development was accomplished:
- Eight new German convection lumber dry kilns controlled by GANN computers and able to dry 650 m3 of sawn timber at once were equipped.
- Modernized boiler - house which produces heat for dry kilns and use waste which are left only during the timber processing - biofuel (timber scraps, sawdust).
- When bought progressive timber processing machines, natural wood glued panel was started to be produced for furniture and stair steps.

Baltic, Scandinavian States, Poland, Germany and Austria.